Sell Direct to Consumer 'DTC'

Conversational Commerce

Transact with your audience via messaging channels, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, Telegram and GMB using AI Assisted Chatbots.

Given that customer loyalty and lifetime value is becoming ever more important, your online presence needs to be transactional from pre-sales to after-sales. This will provide a seamless experience and getting them coming back to buy from you again.

e-Learning Platform

Do you have a skill or talent that you want to teach the world? There are a lot of people out there who want to learn what you know.

Let me give you an example, assuming you are a trainer, instead of the usual 1 to 1 or group training at a physical location, you can now digitize your knowledge by having it accessible for everyone around the world to learn from your e-learning platform by either charging monthly, annual or one time subscription fees.

e-Commerce Storefront

Rather than paying between 20% to 40% (average of about 30%) in marketplace fees, merchants have sought independence by opting to pay 10%-15% of their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology

The balance of power is now shifting towards merchants that previously didn’t have the ability, are now able to sell from their own Website and Mobile App.

It’s all about the Buyer's Journey and Your Positioning

Have you thought that selling online was a little out of your reach? Think again! The ability to get an online business up and running in today’s day and age is just so much easier.

Instead of the usual conventional advertising, referral, or walk-ins, consumers can now search you online and in exchange for their email, give them an eBook, discount coupon, or free trial and they will be driven to visit your site, ultimately making a purchase online for a variety of reasons such as selection, price, and convenience.

This is known as ‘Customer Journey Mapping’, a process that helps you understand the customer experience by uncovering moments of both frustration and delight throughout a series of interactions.

Done successfully, it will create an opportunity to satisfy customer pain points, alleviate fragmentation, and, ultimately differentiate your brand by providing additional value to your customers.